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They won't come after me if I don't do anything, or famous last words.

        In the present political climate, I hear many folks say that I should not say anything about the abuses of the people by the powers that be because there is nothing that I can do about it anyway.

     They seem to be saying that the present surveillance state is only going far outside the Bill of Rights to go after "undesirables" such as terrorists and those who support them. How long will it be before they decide that "undesirables" includes anyone who disagrees with their narrow definition of what constitutes citizenship?  Protesters, gays, artists, environmentalists, the homeless, and any other non-conformists come to mind.    

    I'm sorry, when I learned about the Constitution in Civics class, I learned that ALL people are entitled to due process under law. Those who are guilty of crimes can and should be prosecuted and the Constitution provides adequate means for this within the process of law. An administration which places itself above the law really scares the hell out of me.

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