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Chasing the Eclipse

August twentieth, we set out for Cross Plains Tennessee to chase the great eclipse.  I picked Cross plains because it was in the path of totality and not a magnet site like Hopkinsville Kentucky.  It ended up being a great choice.  We had not gotten eclipse glasses because it was sort of a spur of the moment trip.

When we got there we parked at the high school below the village park.  We said good morning to some folks from Ontario who were parked in front of us.  They said we could get glasses up at the park.

When we walked up to the park there was a band from Austin setting up.  Glasses came with the price of the tickets.  The band leader had been writing a special progressive rock show for the time from the beginning of the eclipse to the totality.   They sounded like Yes meets Steely Dan with touch of Pink Floyd.  It was a great show timed perfectly to the eclipse.

There was a bit of cloud cover so the totality did not bring total darkness due to the sunlight reflecting off the distant clouds.  It got to a sort of twilight with a three hundred sixty degree sunset.  Well worth the trip.

Getting back to Louisville and our room was a little problem.  We had a perfect traffic storm.  The state fair was going on in Louisville along with a big horse show.  Add that to the construction on I-65 and all the eclipse traffic and it took eight hours to get there.   Still and all it was a worthwhile trip.  We hope to be here for 2024 when the next eclipse comes through Ohio.


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