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I'm Blessed


I’m Blessed


Music saved my life and mind,

It’s the thing I really need,

All the years I didn’t know,

They were sorry years indeed,


I’ve played for folks in hundreds,

For barmaids and for empty chairs,

I’m playing music for my soul,

I don’t mind if no one cares,


It’s a blessing to be playing,

Keeps me going mile on mile,

It’s a blessing to be playing,

Hope I can bring a smile.


A poem for the edge of Winter.


Ten Thousand Years


The people lived with nature,

Ten thousand years or more,

Then the others came and claimed the land,

Left the people sick and sore,


The others brought their greed for things,

Killed the trees and scarred the land,

Slaughtered bison just for fun,

The people suffered at their hand,


Again the people pay the price,

As greed still rules the day,

Great spirit sees and sheds a tear,

For the people as they pay,


When the last tree falls and streams run dry,

How much can the takers hold?

The oceans poisoned and creatures die,

Will they learn they can’t eat gold?


A new poem


Here's another poem for your enjoyment.

Just an Afternoon


I look at you and slip to dream,

Just to think of what could be,

I dream of days that never were,

Summer sheets and you and me,


Lazing in the yellow light,

We’ve worn each other out,

The blush of love spreads on your skin,

We’re glowing there’s no doubt,


Then I see me in the glass,

And know the bitter truth,

The dream explodes and crashes down,

As I’m pining for my youth,


In my heart I’m still a kid,

No matter what I do,

I wish you’d find it in your heart,

To see me like that too.



Adding Poems


Hi Folks,  I've been attending some poetry meetings for a while.  I started with readings of incomplete song lyrics but over time I've begun to write some actual poetry.

Chasing the Eclipse


August twentieth, we set out for Cross Plains Tennessee to chase the great eclipse.

They won't come after me if I don't do anything, or famous last words.


        In the present political climate, I hear many folks say that I should not say anything about the abuses of the people by the powers that be because there is nothing that I can do about it anyway.

What's so important about folk music?


    Folk music is where all music came from. It is music made by folks for the sake of making music instead of selling products.

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