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Carmen Kelley will be joining me for the Sonnets show on 11/15.

Added another poem today.  Check it out here.

Check out new shows at the Calendar Page.

Yes, I do play private parties and assisted living events.  Send an email to ed@edmanwalkin.com for details.

Carmen Kelley will be doing another show with me at Uncorked on 11/13.

 “Will We Stand” is a timely reminder of the vital importance of standing up for justice.  Coming 11/15.




“Island Daydream” is here.  Just enjoying playing my guitar.  I started to learn by playing acoustic guitar for hours, making up things just to see what I could do.






What follows are the words of my dear friend Michael Wilsterman. 

“Acceptance, Forgiveness, Kindness, Compassion and True Caring: this is what love is and I am always striving to integrate these things into my every thought, my every action in every moment of my existence.”   Michael T. Wilsterman

He will be missed by all who knew him and we would all do well to try to follow his example.   I try and frequently fail but I will keep trying in order to better honor his memory.


8/11/18  It's only taken me a whole bunch of years as a performer to realize that folks may have trouble pronouncing my name.  It is one of those that if you hear it you will spell it wrong and if you see it you will say it wrong.  All that said it is my name so, here's an audio clip of how to pronounce it.

How to pronounce my name.



 “Where words fail, music speaks” - Hans Christian Anderson


edmanwalkin is Ed Amann, Guitarist, songwriter and folksinger.    Oral tradition* folk music, blues, hilljazz (Ed's country with a jazz attitude, old standards with a down home twang.)  Ed performs songs from many eras and across several genres.  The songs Ed writes are right at home in this wildly eclectic mix.

Ed can be reached through the contact me page or at edmanwalkin@yahoo.com


“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without” – Confucius

I decided to make some memes of my own for sharing:



* Oral tradition means that in nearly all cases the songs are performed from memory without the use of cheat sheets, teleprompters or backing tracks.