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 “Heresy” is here.  Just a little solo track calling out the good folks who think they know everything and anyone who disagrees with them is therefore to be accused of heresy.  The lyric is the product of some long term observations of people in positions of power or desiring such.  They do just fine fine as long as no new idea arises to challenge their view.  In desperation to hold on to their power they go on the attack, sometimes attacking members of their own flock.




The new privacy rules in the EU have caused me to temporarily shutter my monthly fan email.  Once I get a system in place to confirm clear consent, I will bring it back.  If you're on the list watch for a personal email from ed@edmanwalkin.com inviting you to confirm that you want to continue to receive the monthly fan mail.




8/11/18  It's only taken me a whole bunch of years as a performer to realize that folks may have trouble pronouncing my name.  It is one of those that if you hear it you will spell it wrong and if you see it you will say it wrong.  All that said it is my name so, here's an audio clip of how to pronounce it.

How to pronounce my name.




 “Where words fail, music speaks” - Hans Christian Anderson


edmanwalkin is Ed Amann, Guitarist, songwriter and folksinger.    Oral tradition* folk music, blues, hilljazz (Ed's country with a jazz attitude, old standards with a down home twang.)  Ed performs songs from many eras and across several genres.  The songs Ed writes are right at home in this wildly eclectic mix.

Ed can be reached through the contact me page or at edmanwalkin@yahoo.com


“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without” – Confucius

I decided to make some memes of my own for sharing:



* Oral tradition means that in nearly all cases the songs are performed from memory without the use of cheat sheets, teleprompters or backing tracks.